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The Parables of Jesus

Come one and all to the Tuesday morning book discussion group beginning Tuesday, September 19th at 10:00am in the Fox Room. Join us (a friendly group of St. Peter’s and Macedonia UMC members) to study and discuss Jesus’s Parables using the book “Parables: The Arrows of God” by Megan McKenna. The parables intrigue and inspire, sometime puzzle, and always point us unerringly toward the realm of God. Like arrows, the parables pierce straight to the truth and straight to the heart of the listener, opening new understanding of our lives as Christians. Parables  brings home to us that these stories Jesus used to teach are practical, down-to-earth stories told for and to ordinary people with worries about food, shelter, work, and family life. The parables never let us off the hook. So, come and study. If we belong to God’s, much is given and much is asked of us. If our lives belong to God’s, they belong, in God, to others. Come and learn. The book is available at Amazon (and probably elsewhere) in paperback (new and used) as well as e-book.