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Matching Gift Sunday – 8/20/17

Children & Youth Ministries – There is a great passion within our church and with our new pastor to grow St. Peter’s children and youth ministries by expanding existing programs and/or starting new youth ministries.  Therefore, we are planning to use the “match” portion this year to establish a fund specifically for these ministries. On Sunday, August 20th, Matching Gift envelopes will be provided and any gift of $50 or more that is put into this special envelope will be matched 100%.  As always the “giving” portion of this program will support the 2017 Operating budget and the “match” portion will be used for the new Children’s Ministry fund.

Last year we had our most successful Matching Gift Sunday and raised over $60,000 before the match! As the children and youth are an integral part of St. Peter’s future growth, let’s try to exceed that amount so the match can build a fund that will keep building our future.