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DR Christmas


This year, in lieu of our usual Christmas Child Shoebox Drive, we are collecting children’s Christmas items to be sent to the Dominican Republic. St. Peter’s has a close relationship with the village of Los Cocos where we build new homes each year in the spring. Many  homes in Los Cocos were flooded recently in Hurricane Maria.

Your gift will be a great blessing to the children in Los Cocos as they recover from the hurricane. If you would like to donate a gift, please visit our D.R. Children’s Christmas Display in the back of the sanctuary and donate one or more of the items listed below (*Please include a donation of $5 (cash or check made payable to St. Peter’s) for shipping cost.)

Note: please do not wrap your gift! It will not pass through Customs if wrapped. Our friends in the D.R. will wrap the gifts after they arrive.

All gifts are due back to the church no later than October 22nd.

Games:  Jenga, Memory, Sorry, Chutes & Ladders

(Any game that does not require reading in English)

Sports Equipment:  Deflated balls (and pump please), Baseballs

School Supplies:  Pencils, Crayons, Notebooks, Scissors

Footwear:  Flip Flops, New Sneakers in children’s sizes

Clothing: New children’s tee shirts

Gift wrap: Wrapping paper, Gift bags, Clear Tape