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The 50th Anniversary of the Formation of The United Methodist Church

April 23 marked the 50th Anniversary of the formation of The United Methodist Church. Fred Day, the executive for the United Methodist work in history writes, “Fifty years ago, Evangelical United Brethren (EUB) Bishop Rueben H. Mueller and Methodist Bishop Lloyd C. Wicke joined hands over a table laden with symbols—the Bible, hymnals, books of Discipline and a 307-page “Plan …

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Why are there two United Methodist Churches in Ocean City?

Have you ever thought about this question? Or have you just taken it for granted that there is a predominantly Anglo congregation, which is St. Peter’s, and a predominantly African American congregation, Macedonia? There is important history in the broader context of racial segregation in The United Methodist Church and its predecessor denominations than just what we experience in Ocean …

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Dorothy Height Postage Stamp

Another Methodist Honored on a Postage Stamp As historian for St. Peter’s I am expected to focus on keeping important historical documents and records, as well as highlighting our church’s history. However, I think I should also highlight important Methodists when they become prominent in unexpected settings. Some months ago I wrote about the postage stamp honoring Richard Allen (1760-1831), …

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Methodist is Honored on a Postage Stamp

As United Methodists we can celebrate that the United States Postal Service honored a Methodist in its Black Heritage series of stamps. This person is Richard Allen (February 14, 1760 – March 26, 1831), who founded the African Methodist Episcopal Church. This is especially important as this year is the 200th Anniversary of the founding of this sister denomination of …

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St. Peter’s Sanctuary and Windows

A Brief History of the St. Peter’s Sanctuary and its Windows By Robert Williams Note: The following information appeared in an Easter Sunday bulletin some years back. Unfortunately, I don’t have the date of the bulletin or the author of the historical sketch. Given the current plans to work on the sanctuary, I thought it was timely and worth reprinting with …

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A Woman Preaches in Ocean City

The Third Annual Report, published in 1883, of the Ocean City Association reports on the Woman’s Work Service in the summer of 1882: The Woman’s Work Service commenced on Friday evening, the 21st (of July), with addresses by the president, and Rev. Henry Wheeler and wife…Sunday, July 23rd was a lovely day. Rev. Anna Oliver, pastor of the Willoughby Avenue …

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Street Names in Ocean City

With Ocean City having been founded by four Methodist ministers, it is no surprise that two of the streets are named Wesley and Asbury. Both streets are undoubtedly named for two of the luminaries of Methodist history. John Wesley and his brother Charles were the leading forces for the development of Methodism in 18th Century England. John was the prime …

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